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Targeting Audience

     -     Jan 8th, 2014   -     Email Marketing   -     0 Comments

Email marketing gives you the opportunity to narrow your audience to people that will mostly become your customers, unlike mass media you can use your email marketing campaigns to target certain demographics.

You need to focus on your best possible potential customers. An email costs little financially, but it can take up your time which will be wasted if your campaign is not properly targeted. Your email marketing campaign will be more successful and efficient if you focus it on people you know will be interested in what you are offering. E.g. If you’re running a special offer or sale on server components, it will be more effective if you promote it to networking companies.

A major problem in today’s industry is unsolicited marketing emails, otherwise known as spam. They continue to be a major problem and most computer security software and email service providers block them. People are irritated when they receive an email that is irrelevant to them and will probably delete your message and flag it as spam. However, if a customer or contact has agreed to receive marketing or newsletters from you about products and services, then an email could be useful to them and to you. They might not buy from you immediately but they could keep your mail and buy something when they are ready.

Analyzing your customers and potential customers on what you know about them will help you send a more relevant message to them, it does not help you have a large database of customers and you send each one an identical email, some of them are bound to be irritated.