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Email Marketing Platform

We offer an all-in-one communications platform that includes everything you need to create, send and track emails, make use of autoresponders and triggers, create events, contacts and more.

  • Easy Email Wizard
  • Social Sharing
  • Reports & Statistics
  • Automated Bounce Handling
  • Auto Unsubscribe Handling
  • A/B Split Testing
  • Scheduled Email Delivery


ZAMTA uses customized email systems based on best of breed components, such as, Oempro, Interspire Email Marketer and PowerMTA. Oempro and Interspire are the most popular front-end email marketing systems available, used by 1000’s of businesses world wide. PowerMTA is the leading mail transfer agent used by the biggest ESP’s.

ZAMTA provides the bridge between any front-end email application and PowerMTA. Combined with our PowerMTA experience, our cloud based setups and customizations, you will get the perfect email solution cut to your needs.

Our systems are tweaked for high speed email relays, dedicated IP pools, advanced email routing, advanced reporting, FBL (complaint feedback loop), automatic bounce processing and much more.

All Features

Email Campaigns

Deliver up to 1 Million email messages per hour using up to 8000 concurrent outgoing connections.

Our Cloud based email platform can limit outgoing connections, to various ISP’s or recipients domains. We are also able to setup the system to only allow a certain amount per hour/minute to be delivered.

All our custom solutions use their own Dedicated IP Adresses. With this option we will be able to segment your outgoing email through multiple IP Addresses or domains, using a single server.

Our advanced email routing rules allow us to deliver your email using mutiple IP Adresses. We can also setup the routing to deliver cetain domains using selected IP Addresses.

On top of who has opened your email, which links have been clicked inside your email, how many times an email has been opened, how many emails have been forwarded or how many times was the email viewed in a browser, we provide the following advanced statistics:

  • Number of messages sent
  • Number of successful and failed deliveries
  • Number of messages still being processed
  • Complaint statistics per domain
  • Bounces per domain
  • Hard, Soft and other Bounces
  • Domains that bounce the most
  • All Reports can be exported to CSV or PDF using a certain date range

You don’t need to be a technical person to design your email. Import your own email or use the email builder to create your email.

Setup email templates. Let staff build emails by editing “editable” content blocks only. Add content blocks, re-order them or remove existing content blocks.

Personalize your email content with the recipient information. Name, age or any other information you have can be used to personalize the email.

Send your email as soon as possible or schedule it to be sent in the future. It can be sent at a future time for one time or you can schedule the campaign to be repeated, such as every Friday or every 30th day of the month.

Create a/b split testing email campaigns. Send two different versions (different subject and different email content) of an email and see which one is performing better, getting higher open rates or link click rates.

Create “archives” and let your visitors take a look at your email campaign archives. This is a great feature to let your visitors have access to your previously sent emails.

Publish your emails on Twitter, Facebook, Delicious, MySpace, StumbleUpon and Digg and get more impressions.

Integrate emails with your Google Analytics account and continue tracking your recipient activity when they land on your website. This is a very useful feature to track conversions from your emails.

Fetch remote contents from RSS feeds and dynamically generate email content. You can setup a repeating email campaign to be sent every Friday including blog posts of the last week.

Compare different email campaigns with each other for email opens, link clicks, hard bounces, spam complaints or any other metric you prefer.

Instead of showing emails remotely, you can embed images to an email with a single click. This will cause images to be displayed even if image loading is disabled on the email client.

Zamta is integrated with the service. This service allows you to see screen shots of your email taken on different email clients in a minute.

List & Subscribers

Log every single activity of your subscribers. Use this valuable data to target your campaigns, setup auto-responders and for segmentation.

Setup smart subscriber segments based on any subscriber activity. Use these segments to target your email campaigns. For example; send an email to your subscribers who haven’t opened your previous email campaign.

Collect any kind of information about your subscribers. Name, age, address, interests or any other information you need. Use this information to personalize your email contents and filter recipients.

ZAMTA comes with an easy-to-use subscription form designer. Build your subscription form without any technical knowledge. In seconds, you will have your subscription form ready.

Keep a list of “do-not send to” email addresses. ZAMTA handles this list automatically and filters out from outgoing emails.

Who opened your email, which links are clicked inside your email, how many times opened, invalid email addresses, forwards, view on web browsers, spam complaints and used email clients and etc.

You are not limited to only email address. Get more information about your subscribers such as name, age, interests or any other information you need.

Do you need to link your user system to ZAMTA? Simply connect ZAMTA to your own MySQL user database and let ZAMTA synchronize lists automatically.

Add a special link to your email content and let your subscribers to manage their own subscripiton profile

Get notified whenever a subscription or unsubscription occurs.

Manage how the subscription and unsubscription flow will be. Customize result pages, redirect to your own URLs, etc.

Ping a remote URL whenever a subscription or unsubscription occurs. Fetch subscription data with the ping.

Accept subscriptions and unsubscriptions through email. ZAMTA monitors incoming emails and processes subscription requests. Do not get limited with subscription forms only.

Auto Responders & Triggers

Setup auto-responder emails to send regular email to your subscribers. For example, you can send an education email series for 30 days to your subscribers.

Setup unlimited auto-responder emails for different rules and triggers.

Setup your auto-responder emails to be triggered based on specific subscriber activities. Opening a specific email campaign, clicking a link, subscribing to a list, etc.

Trigger auto-responder emails based on custom date fields you have created for subscribers. This feature lets you to send “happy birthday” emails to your subscribers. Or you can send them reminder emails regularly based on a specific date.

Just like email campaign reports and statistics, you get all detailed reports for auto responders as well.

Developer API & Plug-in engine

ZAMTA comes with 50+ API commands. This means you can almost do anything via the API that you can do on the user interface.

Plug-in engine is fully integrated. You can extend functionality and add your own features by writing plug-ins to ZAMTA.

ZAMTA Solutions

Reseller Program

For agencies & resellers

Our cloud based platform, your domain and branding. With ZAMTA you can offer a leading email marketing solution for your clients & share the revenue!

Email Platform

User Friendly Front-End Platform

Create, send and optimize your email campaigns using our cloud based platform. Increase your subscribers with email marketing and social tools that deliver!

Deliverability Services

Increase Your inbox Results

Deliver your transactional email using our email infrastructure. Integrate your existing CRM through an SMTP relay, or by using our API.

Email Infrastructure

Custom Email Solutions

Use our reliable and scalable cloud-based email infrastructure to deliver all your emails - bundled with detailed reports and reputation management.