Email Infrastructure

You need a custom solution - We make it happen


ZAMTA’s Email Engine

We take care of all the difficult details, everything you need for successful email delivery is built in.

  • High Speed
  • Throttled Connections
  • Dedicated IP Pools
  • Advanced Email Routing
  • Email Authentication
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Scheduled Email Delivery
  • Bounce Processing
  • Feedback Loop Processing
  • Multiple Submission Methods

Powerful email delivery engine

High Volume

Send 100’s of thousands of emails per hour, using a single server that has been customized and tweaked by ZAMTA.

Open Source and regular email relay servers typically max out between 5 and 20 thousand mails per hour because they were not built for optimal speed. ZAMTA’s email engine was tweaked and built for speed. Send more than 1,000,000 email messages per hour from a single server.

Throttled Connections

Our Cloud based email platform can limit outgoing connections, to various ISP’s or recipients domains. We ar also able to setup the system to only allow a certain amount per hour/minute to be delivered.

  • Limit the number of outgoing connections of an IP to another domain or ESP
  • Limit the connection rate to a domain or ESP
  • Create rules and group ESP’s or domains together

Email Authentication

  • DKIM
  • SPF
  • DomainKeys
  • SenderID

Email Routing Rules

Our advanced email routing rules allow us to deliver your email using mutiple IP Adresses. We can also setup the routing to deliver cetain domains using selected IP Addresses.

Automatic Bounce Processing

  • Our engine automatically parses incoming bounces on your behalf
  • Intelligent bounce counting
    • Multiple soft bounces lead to a hard bounce and before it gets removed from your list
    • Configurable soft and hard bounce rules
  • Bounces can be removed on a per list or multiple list basis
  • Triggers can be setup to send you an email, or an HTTP, SQL request that an email has bounced


On top of who has opened your email, which links have been clicked inside your email, how many times an email has been opened, how many emails have been forwarded or how many times was the email viewed in a browser, we provide the following advanced statistics:

  • Number of messages sent
  • Number of successful and failed deliveries
  • Number of messages still being processed
  • Complaint statistics per domain
  • Bounces per domain
  • Hard, Soft and other Bounces
  • Domains that bounce the most
  • All Reports can be exported to CSV or PDF

Integration & Message Submission Methods

ZAMTA supports a variety of message submission interfaces, this is useful if you want to use your own CRM system or mail feeder application.

  • Standard submission interface using SMTP
  • File-based submission using pickup directory
  • Proprietary submission interface through our API (C, C++, Java, Perl)
  • Data exports from delivery log (XML, CSV, HTML, etc.)
  • API to delivery log (C, Java, Perl)
  • Forwarding of inbound messages to file or via local pipe

ZAMTA Solutions

Email Infrastructure

Custom Email Solutions

Use our reliable and scalable cloud-based email infrastructure to deliver all your emails - bundled with detailed reports and reputation management.

Deliverability Services

Increase Your inbox Results

Deliver your transactional email using our email infrastructure. Integrate your existing CRM through an SMTP relay, or by using our API.

Email Platform

User Friendly Front-End Platform

Create, send and optimize your email campaigns using our cloud based platform. Increase your subscribers with email marketing and social tools that deliver!

Reseller Program

For agencies & resellers

Our cloud based platform, your domain and branding. With ZAMTA you can offer a leading email marketing solution for your clients & share the revenue!