Deliverability Services

We will help you increase your inbox results


ZAMTA’s Deliverability Services

Sending an email is a simple task, but with billions of spam messages, the simple turns into a challenge. We can help you achieve better deliverability results.

  • List Building
  • List Management
  • List Cleaning
  • Email Content
  • Email Layout & Rendering
  • Email Infrastructure
  • Email Delivery
  • Reputation Monitoring
  • Spam Checks

Improve your inbox rates with ZAMTA

To achieve good inbox results you need to focus on several areas; Your content, Your Database (Lists, Subscribers) and infrastructure. Your infrastructure needs to be tweaked and optimized to your needs. Big ESP’s (email service providers) will throw you into one big pot and close the lid on top of you, no matter how many emails you relay.

Your database must be regularly maintained and should only be permission based.

Content must be interesting and off course relevant to the recipient.

ZAMTA Solutions

Reseller Program

For agencies & resellers

Our cloud based platform, your domain and branding. With ZAMTA you can offer a leading email marketing solution for your clients & share the revenue!

Deliverability Services

Increase Your inbox Results

Deliver your transactional email using our email infrastructure. Integrate your existing CRM through an SMTP relay, or by using our API.

Email Platform

User Friendly Front-End Platform

Create, send and optimize your email campaigns using our cloud based platform. Increase your subscribers with email marketing and social tools that deliver!

Email Infrastructure

Custom Email Solutions

Use our reliable and scalable cloud-based email infrastructure to deliver all your emails - bundled with detailed reports and reputation management.