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Include an unsubscribe link

     -     Jun 10th, 2013   -     Email Marketing Resources   -     0 Comments

Even when you are looking for a high amount of subscriptions and expect your email campaigns and newsletters to deliver results, there are at least two good reasons to include an easy and fail-safe unsubscription link in your emails.

If you send one of your subscribers an email and he never opens or reads it, and he would unsubscribe if he could; then he is a worth nothing and you are just wasting you resources by sending that email.

The other reason is that subscribers who struggle with the unsubscription process will eventually turn to you, and waste some of your time and there might possibly be unnecessary administration costs.

These are perfectly valid reasons to make it as easy as possible; the best way to do it is probably the following way:

– A personalized link which takes the recipient to a webpage where they are allowed to unsubscribe using prefilled form.