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Building an email list

     -     Jul 5th, 2013   -     Email Marketing   -     0 Comments

If you are using an email marketing campaign, there are a few things you should think of when you create other marketing material: There should be opt-in tick boxes for email information included on all of your paper-based marketing material.

Another powerful way of getting opt-ins is to use your website efficiently on your website you could perhaps highlight the benefits of subscribing to your email service and have an online form to subscribe to the said service and register immediately but it is always best to make registration optional at all times. It should not be compulsory to create an account in order to buy something from your e-commerce section.

If you have too many criteria for people who are registering, they might be scared away or will not bother filling a long form, so keep it short in order to encourage them to register. Their name, email address and phone number is enough.