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15 tips to improve your Email Marketing

     -     Jan 10th, 2014   -     Email Marketing   -     0 Comments

You probably already know, most people spend more time on their emails than they do browsing the internet. Email is one of the most powerful and effective means that you can use to talk to customers, visitors and clients.
I will discuss the fifteen best ways that you can use in your email marketing activities. If you use it wisely and consistently, then you’ll definitely and without a doubt see an increased response from your subscribers – it may be more feedback, more registrations, or even more orders.


1: Avoid Spam Filters
The majority of large ISPs now use strict spam protections systems to trap unsought email before it gets into their customers inboxes. Spam filters use a system where they give each email a “point” for certain criteria if an email has a certain amount of points then it’ll be flagged as spam and deleted.

Avoid using words like ‘Free’, ’$’,’Discount’ – basically any word along those lines – in your subject and the content of your email, doing that is a sure way of having your emails flagged as spam and deleted before they even reach your subscribers.

2: Maximizing Click-Through Rates
Subscribers often find it hard to perform specific tasks, such as clicking on a link to see your special offers ,if the link is almost ‘hidden’ by the large amount of text and graphics in emails and on web pages.
There are many research papers that show us the majority of internet users respond better and find plain, blue and bold text –like this for example – more remarkable as opposed to a button or banner. This’ll mean more subscribers click through, meaning more sales for you.

3. Personalization
If you were standing in a shop and someone shouts: “Hey you!” will that get your attention or will it be more effective if someone shouts “Hey Peter!”

You should use this power of personalization in your emails. Simply starting your email with “Hello Pete” instead of “Dear Customer” will increase interest and click-through rates massively. You ask why? Simply put, it’s because your subscribers feel like they have a relationship with you because you addressed them by their first name, like you would address a friend.

4. One-Click Unsubscription
If you want to cultivate your mailing list, then there are two things that is vital you have: a double opt-in process, and a very quick way to unsubscribe. It’s mandatory in some countries that every email must have an unsubscribe link in it. The unsubscribe link should take the user to a page where they are removed – politely – from your mailing list.

5. Signup Confirmation
It is important that you always use a double opt-in confirmation process. Double opt-in is when you send the visitor to your site a confirmation email after they initially entered their email to subscribe to your list. This will help that you never get accused of spamming.

6. Increased Response Days
There are studies that show the best days to perform a mail-out to your list are Tuesday and Wednesday. This is the time when people are more receptive to communication and more likely to read your emails and clicking on links.
People are recovering from the weekend on a Monday, while they are looking forward to the weekend on a Thursday and Friday.

7. Repeat Email Communication
An auto responder is a scheduled email that is sent at a certain time interval after someone subscribes to your mailing list. It’s a great way to automatically follow up with your subscribers or present them with more information on your products/services.
If you provide a free newsletter, then you could setup three auto responders for new subscribers: After one hour an email is sent to thank them for subscribing and a link to get 10% off your newly released product.
The second email is sent a full day after they subscribe, that one Is used to tell them about your community message boards. The third one is sent after exactly three days, you can offer them to become a paid member on your site to receive a special deal.
Auto responders are a great way to build your subscriber’s trust in your company and your brand, and this will make it easier to close sales in the future.

8. Consistency, Consistency and Consistency
Another way to make it easier for you to close sales when you need to is to keep consistent. If you’re running something like a newsletter or frequent email publication then it is vital that you keep the look and feel consistent. This will help to maintain and strengthen your brand and your image to your subscribers.

9. On Time, All the time.
In my previous point I mentioned you should be consistent, you should carry this over into when you send your emails. It should always be sent on the same day at the same time. Your subscribers will come to expect your email at that time.

10. The Attention Catching Subject Line
When an email arrives in an inbox, the email has about half a second to catch the recipient’s attention with the subject line of the email. After this they’ll either delete the email or ignore it. Try to specify a benefit – in your subject line – that the subscriber can assume will be present in the email.

11. The Hook-In
These days the word ‘Free’ is used everywhere on the internet. But, if you’re looking to grow your subscriber list, then create a product of value and offer it for free as a sign-up bonus to your newsletter.
Setup an auto responder to send them the free bonus one hour after they subscribe to your newsletter, this will prevent them from simply typing any email address into your subscription form.

12. The Preview Pane
Email clients that are popular, such as MS Outlook, show a preview of an email when it’s selected in the inbox. Which means it’ll help when you have some interesting content at the top of your email, since this is the part that will be in the preview. Make it interesting enough, and your subscriber will open your email and continue reading.

13. Link-Click Testing
When you are deciding what your marketing email should look like, create three emails with different text for both content and links, reposition images such as logos and buttons. After sending these three emails check which one got the most “click throughs” and send that one in the future.

14. Email-Based Learning
Setting up an email-based learning course will add value to your website, build trust in your visitors, establish your credibility and collect more subscriptions to your mailing list. Create a series of auto responders containing unique content. Send each one

15. Always Sign
Including a signature at the bottom of your email is one of the easiest ways to attract more traffic to your website. Your personal details, company details, and a subscribe link should all be present within your signature. You can put a link to your website and to other products in your signature.